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Middletown, Ohio Airshow 2008

October 19, 2008

The Commemorative Airborne Jump Team was honored to attend the 2008 Middletown, Ohio Wings Of Freedom Airshow.  We had two very successful jumps.  The first jump was dedicated to the 506thPIR/326thAEB for their participation during Operation Overlord, Normandy France June 1944.  The second jump was dedicated to the 505thPIR/307thAEB for their participation during Operation Market Garden, Holland September 1944.

We were amongst two great heroes, Joe Drago (101st ABN 326th AEB) and Bill Wilch (29th ID 115th Inf).  Many thanks go out to the Black Sparrow crew, airport staff, volunteers, and especially our great friends Greg Morehead and Bob Bos.


517th Reunion Jump 2007

August 24, 2008

The 517th PRCT Association held their National Reunion in Washington, DC June 2007.  It was an honor to provide them with a live parachute jump from a vintage C47 aircraft in Manassas, VA.  A lot of hard work went into this jump and a big thanks goes out to all those individuals and organizations that made a dream become a reality.

Past Jumps – Team Members Photos

August 24, 2008

These are past photos of current CAJT members participating in ETO commemoration jumps and events with other jump team organizations.  The other organizations were ADT and LJT.  Amazing events and memories!

517th Airborne Reunion 2008

August 12, 2008

CAJT traveled to the St. Louis area to jump in honor of the 517th PRCT at their 2008 National Reunion.  Due to the major flooding in the area, the primary DZ went under water and scrubbed the planned operation at St Charles County Smartt Airport.  The mission was quickly rescheduled to take place at St Charles Municipal Airport with help from many entities.  The jump was a total success and the main goal of the team was met by providing the veterans and their families with a live airborne jump from the Great Lakes CAF C47, Black Sparrow.