Welcome to the CAJT!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

This is a very exciting time for the Commemorative Airborne Jump Team (CAJT). We are a new commemorative jump team dedicated to honoring the men who jumped into U.S. Airborne history during World War II.

The CAJT is solely dedicated to honoring those men of the “Greatest Generation” so their history will not ever be forgotten or misinterpreted.  These men were an elite breed and carried with them an esprit de corps that is still a priority within their hearts and minds.  Their strict code of Airborne customs and honor for each other was their main weapon used against enemy forces.

The Commemorative Airborne Jump Team will strive to carry on their strict code and honor by following as close as possible their old customs and researching their way of life during the war years. This team will accept only those individuals who wish to carry on “their” history and customs. We do not make paratroopers here in the CAJT, we make parachutist who have the heart and soul to honor our World War II U.S. Paratroopers!

If you have that heart and soul, then get ready, check your equipment, and stand in the door!